350 Action Cookbook

A Shared 350 Cookbook for Southeast Michigan: Recipes for a healthy atmosphere and resilient communities

There are many ways to reduce carbon emissions to get to 350. Some you can do on your own, like walk or bike instead of driving, replacing your light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, or installing a programmable thermostat in your home. The list of possible actions is endless, but there are some questions in the way as well:

  • Where do we start here in southeast Michigan?
  • How do we make this fun and not overwhelming or limiting?
  • How do we extend and expand the benefits beyond individual actions or even carbon in the atmosphere?

Here we present a handful of community recipes for getting to 350. These are not just all-on-your-own actions. These are approachable and fun, yet MONUMENTAL steps toward much more than reducing carbon. They are about connecting us with our neighbors, saving money, keeping us healthy, creating and sustaining vibrant and resilient southeast Michigan communities.

Choose a recipe and create some neighborhood resilience:

LET’S TALK – raise awareness, teach and learn more

  • Raise awareness about 350 by making the number visible in your neighborhood or community
  • Host a discussion-promoting movie night or book club at your home or organization
  • Affect local to national policy together
  • LET’S EAT – finding and sharing food, the heart of it all

  • Plant a community garden
  • Start neighborhood “no dig” gardens
  • Start a neighborhood compost
  • Learn about/increase what’s edible in your neighborhood
  • Share meals of locally-produced food
  • Start a neighborhood food buying club
  • Start a front-yard food production campaign
  • LET’S SHARE – share, trade, exchange goods and services

  • Share the trip
  • Trade or share stuff you already have
  • Volunteer your services for efforts or organizations that get us to 350
  • Share information about energy efficiency
  • Share the cost of something that will benefit your neighborhood