Add Ann Arbor to the growing list of cities divesting from fossil fuels

A growing number of cities and institutions are committing to divest from fossil fuels (you can see who’s working on it here). Can you help us add Ann Arbor to the list?

At their next meeting on September 3rd, Ann Arbor City Council with consider an ordinance to divest its holdings from the 200 companies that hold the vast majority of the world’s coal, oil, and gas reserves. Scientists tell us that 80% of these reserves need to stay in the ground, but that isn’t stopping fossil fuel companies from burning through them.

Divesting pension funds from these companies gives us the opportunity to reinvest in a way that not only creates a profit, but also benefits our communities and the climate such as energy retrofits and solar companies.

divest-ann-arborCan you help? 

We’ll be delivering this petition to City Council on September 3rd and we need signatures to show support from Ann Arbor residents.

We don’t have a lot of time so please share the URL ( with any Ann Arbor residents you know. Sharing on Facebook and Twitter is incredibly helpful too!

If you would like to provide public comments at the meeting, email us so we can help you sign up and coordinate our message.

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