What’s the deal with Climate Ride Midwest? Find out on May 7

If you love riding your bike, or want to learn to love riding your bike, and you enjoy meeting interesting and energetic people who are working on climate change (and related) issues, this is the ride for you!

‘A2Rides’ team member and veteran rider Jenny Cooper says it’s “epically wonderful!” with “incredible people and [...]

Review: Years of Living Dangerously – Episode 1

By Emilio Macy

The first episode of Years of Living Dangerously sets the series up as one that confronts climate conflicts by way of celebrity. Will new audiences receive these efforts as genuine? Or will the dramatization fizzle out like so many other efforts?

Maybe this series triggered some Day After Tomorrow PTSD, [...]

A2 Citizens Climate Lobby’s first meeting is April 5th

If you are worried about climate change and would like to take meaningful action, please come to the first ever meeting of the new Ann Arbor chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby! We will listen to a guest speaker via teleconference and then discuss actions we can take.

Citizens Climate Lobby is a national nonpartisan organization [...]

2 important resolutions before Ann Arbor City Council next Monday

On Monday, March 17th, the Ann Arbor City Council will consider two important resolutions:

Resolution for Commercial Energy Disclosure (read more and see supporting attachments) Resolution Recommending Staff Resourcing for Community Energy Efficiency (see text and supporting attachments here)

Already convinced that these are important? Yay! Click here to find out what you can do [...]

Time to leave coal in the past with voting inequality

  Guest blogger: Zack Deutsch-Gross,  Field Organizer-Oakland County Sierra Club Beyond Coal 

What do we hang onto from the year 1900? That’s about when the nation’s first coal-fired power plant opened. Think of the number of changes we’ve made since then. Think of the products that are newer than that and yet are still old enough that they’re dated, they’re [...]

Students descend on DC to show dissent for KXL

The Obama administration is expected to announce a decision about the Keystone XL pipeline in the next couple of months. Next weekend, students from all over the United States will march for Georgetown University to the White House to denounce the Keystone XL pipeline and show their opposition to an “all of the above” energy [...]

Citizens Climate Lobby Workshop – March 8th

Lynate Pettengill, Director of Field Development with Citizens Climate Lobby

With the need for political will to address climate change growing ever more urgent, citizens are invited to gather in Lansing on Saturday, March 8 for a workshop that will launch new chapters of Citizens Climate Lobby. The event is sponsored by the Red Cedar Friends [...]

Elemental (the film) is coming to the Michigan Theater — one day only!

Come see Elemental: The Film with us at the Michigan Theater next Tuesday! The film tells the story of three individuals as they work to confront the most pressing ecological challenges of our time.

We’re excited to be partnering with A2Share and the Graham Sustainability Institute to bring the film to Ann Arbor and have a [...]

Let’s get started on an Ann Arbor chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby!

Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL), is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization whose goal is to speed the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy by pushing for a consumer-friendly tax on carbon.  It is a relatively young, fast-growing organization, and there isn’t a chapter in Ann Arbor — yet!

If you are interested in helping to get [...]

This Saturday: Forest Heroes Halloween Party!

The Michigan Forest Heroes campaign has hit the ground running and are continuing to put pressure on Kellogg’s cereal company, which buys palm oil from Wilmar International (the company that controls almost half of the palm oil industry worldwide).

This weekend, Ann Arbor’s Forest Heroes — Eva and Katie — would like to [...]