Can local action change the climate? Sure, but only if we get started

Satellite image showing entry of the Polar Vortex into the northern US. Flickr/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Whew! How about this crazy weather?

The scientists tell us that extreme weather is one of the consequences of climate change, and we’ve sure seen plenty of that around here the last several months.

That’s one reason [...]

Birds on the Brain: Tackling the question…are wind turbines avian-friendly?

Maybe some of you also envision frustrating conversations like how I do.  (And yes, they’re usually about sustainable agriculture or energy…).  Here’s how this hypothetical conversation in my head normally goes….

[Jill (me)]: Hey America!  How about more renewable electricity generation?  Also, I think we should have some good ol’ carbon policy so [...]

Help stop the Keystone XL pipeline!


The last couple of weeks have looked a little something like this for tar sands companies: spill in Minnesota, apologies and clean up; spill wreaks havoc on Arkansas, profuse apologies and intense clean up.

This photo was taken by theKalamazoo Gazette‘s [...]

Xplaining the Keystone XL pipeline battle

Job creator?  One stop shop to push us over the climate edge?   With all Americans in mind?  Single fossil fuel interest?

Many differing perspectives surround the Keystone XL Pipeline project, but one thing is clear: it is taking on more significance than the pipeline itself.  We are at a crossroads in our energy infrastructure [...]

Cleaning Up UMich’s Endowment: Divest & Invest Campaign

Divest Music Video! What: The first public informational meeting of the Divest & Invest Campaign at the University of Michigan – to divest all university money from fossil fuel stocks, funds, and direct and indirect investments. Who: The Divest & Invest Campaign is a student/faculty/community coalition of: Ann Arbor 350, Students for Clean Energy, [...]

#ForwardonClimate – Let’s go to D.C. on Feb 17th!


Solution = Divest Now!

We Did the Math. Solution = Divestment Do the Math Tour wraps up, but work is just beginning has toured around the country spreading the message about terrifying math associated with fossil fuel reserves ready and waiting to be extracted and billowed into our fragile atmosphere. Climate change has an enemy, and that enemy is [...]

IEA (International Energy Administration) Confirms Bill McKibben’s “Do The Math” Numbers

Press Release – “Do the Math” November 12, 2012

Oakland — Today the International Energy Agency released its World Energy Outlook and confirmed estimates that the overwhelming majority of known fossil fuel reserves (75-80%) will have to be kept in the ground to avoid 2 degrees Celsius temperature rise. founder Bill McKibben, who is [...]

No reason to stop fighting for clean energy: Reflections on Prop 3

Although Prop 3′s defeat on election day was disappointing, there were also many victories to celebrate. For those of you that called voters at Proposal 3 phone banks or volunteered in other ways:


Your work was appreciated and is part of a momentum that was NOT stopped on election day. You contributed to [...]

Our $3.50: Green Rating Systems for Electronics

Shopping season is upon us! And we’re starting a brand new segment for the eco-shopper, entitled Our $3.50.

Consequences of E-waste ( CHIEN-MIN CHUNG / REPORTAGE BY GETTY)

Windows 8 was released last Friday with a plethora of new tablets, laptops, and tabtops. Apple just announced the new iPad Mini and iPad 4. Of course, [...]