Cleaning Up UMich’s Endowment: Divest & Invest Campaign

Divest Music Video!

  • What: The first public informational meeting of the Divest & Invest Campaign at the University of Michigan – to divest all university money from fossil fuel stocks, funds, and direct and indirect investments.
  • Who: The Divest & Invest Campaign is a student/faculty/community coalition of: Ann Arbor 350, Students for Clean Energy, Student Sustainability Initiative & most importantly YOU
  • When: Monday, February 4th at 6:30 PM
  • Where: Room 1040 DANA Bldg, School of Natural Resources & Environment, Univ of Michigan Central Campus

Do you want to do something about all the fossil fuels being burned, and all the carbon being dumped into our atmosphere? Are you affiliated with the University of Michigan in any way? This is a groundbreaking event where everyone in Ann Arbor who wants a voice against climate change, particularly U-Mich alumni, faculty, students, and community leaders should attend. Get informed about the University of Michigan’s investment portfolio and what all of us are going to do about it. Namely, divest from dirty energy and invest in clean energy.

This divestment¬†movement is sweeping across our nation’s campuses, from Harvard to the California universities. This is not just to hit the oil, gas, and coal companies’ bank accounts (which it will a little), but more to get the country talking about how it is morally reprehensible for these companies to be planning to dump into our air¬†5 times as many greenhouse gases as our planet can handle. This will wreck the planet. It will raise temperatures 4 to 10 degrees F.

We cannot let this happen, and we will do everything in our power to stop it. At U-M it starts February 4th. See you there!

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