October 24: Urban Roots Screening (for Food Day!)

Food Day is on Monday, October 24th and we’re celebrating by holding a screening of the film Urban Roots. Urban Roots explores the urban farming phenomenon in Detroit, highlighting what has become of collapsed industrial towns and their need to forge a sustainable and prosperous future.

We are paying Tree Media Group a screening fee for this opportunity to help keep what they do sustainable. Due to this, we are suggesting a $5 donation to attend the screening. We’ll have a jar … and won’t ask lots of questions.

Even Michael Pollan thinks you should participate in Food Day.  See?   —->

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2 comments to October 24: Urban Roots Screening (for Food Day!)

  • monica

    Hi Joyce!

    We’ll start shortly after 7pm on October 24th.

    The location: Ecology Center Office
    339 E. Liberty, Suite 300 (Third Floor)
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104

  • Joyce Brown

    What time on Oct 24 and where?
    I am very interested in seeing this film.
    thank you