350 Garden Challenge

On 350.org’s 10/10/10 Day of Action, Washtenaw County landscapes will be enriched with visible food production gardens (“350 Gardens”) that educate and empower our community and support local businesses. This can be as simple as planting a fruit tree or a tomato plant in a pot. But it is also an opportunity to create innovative gardens on front yards, apartment patios, school and church grounds, and business premises. The 350 Garden Challenge was created by iGrowSonoma.org and inspired by the 350.org international campaign to find and implement solutions to climate change.

The goals are to:

  • Create a healthy homegrown food supply
  • Save water and cut greenhouse gas emissions
  • Support local businesses
  • Build community and beautify our neighborhoods

The 350 Garden Challenge planning team, together with community organizers, will assist residents with garden planning and design, access to materials, team building, and documentation. Register your garden today!

Why Fall? Isn’t this the wrong time of year? By installing these gardens on or before 10/10/10 and filling them with compost and leaves for the winter, they’ll be rich with nutrients and ready for production next spring!

SIGN UP! You can get involved in the 350 Garden Challenge in four simple ways:

Ann Arbor 350 is collaborating with Growing Hope and dozens of community groups and companies to create the 350 Garden Challenge. This county-wide project will engage citizens, organizations, local businesses, media and civic leaders to improve access to healthy, fresh local food. Ann Arbor 350 has received generous support from the folks who launched the iGrowSonoma Garden Challenge last spring as well as from 350.org.