Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’d like to participate but live in an apartment. What can I do? Every small garden counts! Plant a container garden, some herbs on your windowsill, or coordinate with neighbors and start a community container garden in shared spaces.

Where do I go for more information? Check the website first and read through these FAQs. If you have further questions, call Monica Patel at 734.761.3186, ext 118. Also be sure you have signed up your garden for the 350 Garden Challenge, as we will be sending out weekly emails that will answer many of your questions.

How do I sign up? Sign up by going to and clicking on “Sign up for the 350 Garden Challenge!”  Or call 734.761.3186, ext 118.

I already have a garden but I still want to participate in the event. Can I? Absolutely! We suggest you break out of your comfort zone and do something daring: plant a row to donate to a food pantry, plant five fruit trees, educate a neighbor about food growing, or help a novice gardener plant a garden in your neighborhood. There are tons of ways to kick up your involvement in local food production!

Why Fall?  Isn’t this the wrong time of year? By installing these gardens on or before 10/10/10 and filling them with compost and leaves for the winter, they’ll be rich with nutrients and ready for production next spring!

Who do I contact for advice and project guidance? Contact the “Neighborhood Host” for your elementary school community. If you don’t already have their contact information, contact Jeannine at 734.971.5870.  The community organizers for your region will be able to answer your questions or direct you to local resources for more information.

Do I supply my own materials? Yes. Everyone is responsible for supplying their own materials, and we encourage you to support our local nurseries and purchase organic seeds and plants whenever possible. We are compiling low-cost, local resources to share with you on our Resources page at, where you can also sign up for a Growing Hope raised bed kit.

What if I can’t afford materials? The 350 Garden Challenge will be supplying a limited amount of raised bed kits to low-income families.

What is a Neighborhood Host? Neighborhood Hosts have volunteered their time to act as a resource to move this Challenge forward in their neighborhood. Please go to them for project advice and information. To find out who the Neighborhood Host is at your location, contact Jeannine at 734.971.5870.

Do I sign-up the weekend of October 10th or before? Sign up as soon as possible! Make sure you register your garden at the site.

Can I contribute financially to this endeavor? Yes, donations can be made at All donations up to $10,000 will be matched by a private donor.

Will you be providing any follow-up after the event? After the October event, there will be ample opportunities to continue to build the momentum for local food production. We encourage you to stay in touch with your local gardening organizations and contacts you’ve made through the 350 Garden Challenge. We’ll provide information about local events and organizations for you to connect with. But you should feel free to plan a spring seedling planting party so you can share ideas about garden layout with your neighbors! Send us information about your events, and we’ll post them to our site to inspire others.

What happens after the gardens are installed? Join us for a celebration the evening of October 10th! We will look at a map showing all the gardens that were installed across the county and celebrate all the work that went into this massive undertaking. Join us for a live band, potluck, and celebration. After the October weekend, stay involved with Ann Arbor 350 for more opportunities to build a healthier, more local food system in Washtenaw County!

Don’t veggie gardens use just as many resources, if not more, than lawns? Even if veggies sometimes use comparable resources, veggie gardens produce a concrete benefit, lessen our countywide carbon footprint, beautify our neighborhoods, and increase awareness about where food comes from.

How do I know what to plant? We link to many local gardening resources Ann Arbor 350 website, including blogs about gardening for novice gardeners. Consult your local nurseries and local landscapers and contact your Neighborhood Host.

How can I help get others involved? Sign up for the challenge and encourage friends to sign up as well. Share the website with friends. Download materials from our website to promote the 350 Garden Challenge. Make presentations at your local events to spread awareness about the Challenge. There are plenty of ways to get involved.  Please contact Jeannine Palms at 734.971.5870 for more ideas.

I live outside Washtenaw County.  Can I still join? Yes! Visit to join with gardeners around the world and sign up for the 350 Garden Challenge!