How to Participate

You can get involved in the 350 Garden Challenge in four simple ways:

1) Start Your Own Garden

Everyone can have a garden. Grow herbs in your kitchen, a potted garden on your balcony, a fruit tree in the front yard, or replace your whole lawn with an edible food forest. Growing food can also help you reduce your climate impact by reducing the your FMT (“food miles traveled”). The Start a Visible Food Growing Campaign! “recipe” at has all you need to help you plan edible estates big and small. We can even help supply volunteer labor and the know-how. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to come up with the design and materials for the garden (we can order Growing Hope raised bed kits for those who join the Challenge before September 24, 2010). Help us meet our challenge by signing up your garden today!

Simple Steps:

1. Register your garden project

2. Connect with your Neighborhood Host: Contact Jeannine Palms at 734.971.5870 if you need to find out who this person is.

3. Plan your garden

4. Collect your supplies

5. Get ready to install on or before 10/10/10

2) Join a Garden Crew

Volunteers will be needed at many garden sites. Whether you are a life-long gardener or are looking for a reason to get your hands dirty for the first time, you can volunteer to help install 350 Gardens. Have some experience? Become a mentor and share the knowledge you have on how to Grow a Garden with others. Are you an artist? A musician? A culinary genius in your own right? Do you have a truck and a good sense of direction? Perhaps something else of value you’d like to suggest for our cause? We need you, too! Sign up to volunteer.

3) Become a Neighborhood Host

Every city or neighborhood will have a Neighborhood Host and an organizing team to help coordinate volunteers and materials for the Challenge. If you have great organizational and communication skills we need you as an organizer. Please call Jeannine at 734.971.5870 for more information.

4) Support the 350 Garden Challenge

This is a big project and you can help in several ways:

  • donate garden materials or plant starts
  • help us get the word out – help yourself to our PDFs, post our URL to your social networks, and send emails to (or call) your friends and neighbors