Ann Levenick

“I like earthships very much, but not ready to take that radical an approach to energy self-sufficiency. One of my ideas for what to do when I retire is to make my home self-sufficient as possible share what I learn with others.”

Ann Arbor’s Westside


Installed LED lights; lowered my thermostat wall and ceiling insulation replacement windows; installed a high efficiency furnace, washer and dryer; installed rain barrels and created a rain garden.

One of my ideas for retirement is to make my home self-sufficient as possible and to share what I learn with others. Some day sooner I’d like to build a greenhouse on the south side of the house. I would also like to install a wood burning stove.

A more peaceful domestic ambience: the new furnace is much quieter than the old one.

Anything we can do to cut consumption is good.

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