Brigit Macomber

Ann Arbor’s Northside


…undergone an energy audit; lowered my thermostat; blown foam insulation in eaves and basement band; vapor barriered and insulated little basement crawlspace; installed CFLs throughout the house; insulated switch and plug plates; taped hot water pipe from hot water heater; made foam insulation box to cover attic fan in winter; installed low flow shower heads.

…with a higher efficiency furnace and a/c. I wish I could afford geo-thermal and PV installation.

…greater sensitivity to and knowledge of heat and light and leaks. For example, a draft on a recent below-zero night disturbed me, and I realized it was coming from my electric outlet! I didn’t really believe the energy auditor when he said those need to be insulated. When I took the plate off to put in the little insulation pad I felt an actual freezing cold breeze and saw it’s basically a big hole in my house!

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