Matthew Grocoff

“We got great financing and we made our house the most comfortable home in Ann Arbor. Visit www.Greenovation.TV see for yourself.”

Ann Arbor’s Westside


Undergone an energy audit; installed LED lights; invested in geothermal; installed: motion sensor light switches, energy monitoring, smart power strips, aerators on faucets, 1.5 gallons per minute shower heads, and a 8.1 kW solar array.

We are now one of fewer than 100 homes in the U.S. to be net zero energy. So, our next trick is to go net-zero water and waste.

Made our home more cozy, we save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the home, and we eliminate the negative environmental impact our home has on the planet.

If we enjoy keeping the climate at a level capable of supporting human life, I think we would do best to eliminate our carbon footprints completely.

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