Seed Saving — Helpful Resources

flickr/you can count on me

flickr/you can count on me

Seed saving is pretty straightforward for many plants, but it can get complicated.Here are some helpful resources from the International Seed Saving Institute:

  • “Super Easy” to Save: Beans, Lettuces, Peas, Tomatoes
  • Slightly Trickier: Corn, Cucumber, Muskmelon, Radish, Spinach, Squash/Pumpkin
  • Expert: Beet/Swiss Chard, Cabbage Family, Carrot, Escarole/Frissee, Onion, Radicchio/Endive, Turnip/Chinese Cabbage

If you’d like a print resource, but don’t want to waste the paper, I encourage you to visit the Ann Arbor District Library and check out one or more of the following:

Want to learn in person? Attend our SEED SWAP!

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