Seed Swap: This Saturday!

Where: Downtown Home & Garden (201 S. Ashley)
When: Sat., March 19, 10am-noon

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The seed swap is fast approaching so I thought I’d post the most recent updates to RSVPs here. Hopefully, it’ll prove helpful as you consider what you might get out of the seed swap, or in case you’re wondering what would be helpful to bring/buy.

  • We WILL have seeds for:
    • Basil
    • Watermelon
    • Onion
    • Beans/peas: pole, tepary, lima, various runners, cowpeas, soy, P. vulgaris pole & bush, dry, shell and snap
    • Pink pigweed
    • Red Orach
    • Red Mustard
    • Arugula
    • Pumpkin – pie, medium size, large size
    • Squash – acorn, spaghetti
    • Amaranths
    • Tomatoes
    • Various lettuces
    • Chard
    • Herbs: dill, coriander, fennel, leek
    • Chinese & Ethiopian mustards
    • Boi choy
    • Project Grow Heirloom Tomato Seeds ($2.50 per pack)
  • We NEED:
    • White sweet corn
    • Peppers
    • Red candy apple and candy onions
    • Early contender green beans
    • Carrots
    • Sugar ann peas
    • Kale
    • Wax beans
    • Pickle & bush cucumbers
    • Sunflowers

If you’re attending and you want to add to the “Have List” or the “Wish List”, please do so by posting a comment below.

Everyone is welcome! A couple of quick notes on logistics:

  • Please arrive promptly at 10am. We’ll have signs posted and containers available so folks can deposit their seeds, and hope to start browsing for seeds by 10:15am.
  • Consider arriving in a climate-friendly fashion (bus, walk, bike, carpool).¬†As you probably already know, parking is difficult to find on Saturday morning in downtown Ann Arbor. Downtown Home & Garden does not have space for parking so, if you do drive, you’ll need to search for street parking or use a garage.
  • All EXTRA seeds will be donated to a local gardening group; in particular, for use at school gardens throughout Ann Arbor.

2 comments to Seed Swap: This Saturday!

  • I have Carouby edible podded peas (vine), two early wax beans (pole),
    one or two pickling cukes (one is from Scandinavia), sunflowers,
    early bush green beans, sweet red peppers, green dent corn and red
    popcorn, kale. What I bring depends on how much time I have to
    pack it all up and what fits in the bike basket. People can stop by
    our place another time to get more seeds. Will try to also bring
    some garlic cloves and Jerusalem artichoke.

    • carla

      sindi, your stuff sounds delicious..and where can people stop by if we miss some of your goodies tomorrow?