Connecting Nationally: 350 Do the Math Tour

Hurricane Sandy brought surprising destruction to millions on our northeast coast, and it is an unmistakable sign of climate change. However, followers of scientists and activists in the climate movement are hardly surprised. This summer, Bill McKibben proposed in an article in Rolling Stone that math also has something to do with our increase in natural disasters.

350 Do the Math. Sold out in Seattle, WA.

Now, McKibben and are hitting the road, bringing their show to cities around the country–Columbus and Chicago in our neck of the woods–and it’s all about math! Doesn’t that sound exciting? Well, maybe you’re not a big fan of math, but it’s actually just about a few big numbers regarding climate change. Continue reading Connecting Nationally: 350 Do the Math Tour

Bill McKibben’s secret session

Bill McKibben at SNRE Dana Building 9-14

Bill McKibben at SNRE Dana Building 9-14. Photo by: Dave Brenner, University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment

Last Friday Sept. 14, Bill McKibben, climate activist and founder of, gave a big speech in the Rackham Auditorium that lots of people heard about and attended. The Univ of Michigan’s Erb Institute sponsored event nearly filled the auditorium’s 1,100 seats.

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