Xplaining the Keystone XL pipeline battle

Job creator?  One stop shop to push us over the climate edge?   With all Americans in mind?  Single fossil fuel interest?

Many differing perspectives surround the Keystone XL Pipeline project, but one thing is clear: it is taking on more significance than the pipeline itself.  We are at a crossroads in our energy infrastructure and the “to build or not to build” question of Keystone is at the heart of it. Keystone is the physical and symbolic battleground for constructing our energy future.

But what exactly does this project entail?  Why does President Obama need to approve the project?  Below you will find the basics of the project, so that whether you will join 350.org, the Sierra Club, and the Hip Hop Caucus at the #ForwardOnClimate rally at DC on February 17th or are taking part in discussions at your work, home or elsewhere, you know the key points for Keystone. Continue reading Xplaining the Keystone XL pipeline battle

Cost breakdown for #ForwardonClimate

Updated Friday, January 25, 2013
The biggest environmental rally EVER is happening in D.C. on President’s Day weekend. You definitely want to be there. Even though this kind of thing is physically exhausting, it’s inspiring and way-past-due. Travel and transportation are definitely big carbon guzzlers, but this is Important. So we decided to do some math to help you figure out what’s your best option for getting to the biggest, most important single event of the year. Here goes:
  • Drive yourself: About $120 in gas and 895 pounds carbon (see picture below and multiple by 2 for round trip)

    This is assuming you drive a Ford Fiesta by yourself. Cost of boredom not included!

  • NOT A FEASIBLE OPTION:  Ride with us in a 15-passenger van: $45 per person, 115 pounds carbon per person
  • Ride with us in a big old charter motorcoach: $100 per person, can’t find a calculator for such a large vehicle

What do you think? Get on the bus.