These signs need to get in the dirt.

In addition to these (which we also had last year):
lawn signs

We have these:

Tie em to your fence or tomato cage!

8 comments to These signs need to get in the dirt.

  • Kelly Weger

    We’ve been making our own educational signs for our front yard garden, and it’s amazing to watch how many people stop to explore. I’d love to add some of these to our collection! 110 N.Hamilton, Ypsilanti.

    • monica

      Kelly, that’s fantastic! Can you post photos of your homemade signs? Maybe to Facebook? Also, which signs do you like? Since I know where you work, I could get the little ones to you there. For the big stake one, I can drop it off next time I’m in Ypsi, if that works for you.

  • Layla Ananda

    I’d love to have a sign for my garden at 2326 Easy St. in Ann Arbor. I like the “This garden saves us money…” but any sign would be great!

    • monica

      Coming right up, Layla! Expect to see some signs pop up near your garden in the coming week ;)

  • I’d like one of those signs for our curbside garden at 544 Third Street, Ann Arbor. I’d like any one of them, but most like the “Eating only locally grown food”, “produce in the US”, and “How do you like these tomatoes”

    • monica

      We’ll bike a couple over ASAP, Marsha! If you can’t use the extras in your own yard, maybe you can give ‘em to a friend or neighbor?

  • lise anderson

    Not sure what we are supposed to write here.